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Warren, A., Martin, R., Chung, D. (2020) Women who use force: Final Report. Volume 2 – International Literature Review. Melbourne: University of Melbourne

Abstract: This is the final report (3 volumes) of a research program that has developed the Australian knowledge base about ...
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Kertesz, M., Ovenden, G., & Humphreys, C. (2019). Independent Evaluation of +SHIFT at Tarrengower Prison. Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

In the context of a dominant pattern of male violence perpetrated against women, there are some women who use force ...
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Spiteri‐Staines, A., Diemer, K., Absler, & D., Humphreys, C., (2019) Keeping Safe Together: Independent evaluation, Summary of Findings and Recommendations. Melbourne, University of Melbourne.

Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the Keeping Safe Together independent pilot program evaluation. The document describes key findings for ...
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Smith, J., & Humphreys, C. (2019). Child protection and fathering where there is domestic violence: Contradictions and consequences. Child & Family Social Work, 24(1), 156-163.

Abstract: Children live in different contexts of protection and vulnerability when exposed to domestic violence. The negative impacts for many ...
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