Our People

Professor Cathy Humphreys
BSW; PhD (Social Work)

Professor Cathy Humphreys is a leading social work researcher in the area of domestic and family violence. She leads the skilled team of domestic violence researchers focused on building the evidence to support safety, accountability and strengthened collaborative responses. She is a well published author of more than 100 refereed journal articles focused across all aspects of domestic and family violence.

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Associate Professor Kristin Diemer
BA; PhD (Sociology)

Associate Professor Kristin Diemer specialises in global measures of violence against women including prevalence, attitudes and incident rates. She is a co-author of several major Australian studies including Australians' Attitudes to Violence Against Women and The Victorian Family Violence Database Trend Analysis of reporting rates.

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Dr Margaret Kertesz
BA; MA; D.Phil (History); BSW

Dr Margaret Kertesz is a senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne. and has worked in the Child and Family Welfare sector for two decades with specific interests in child protection, out-of-home care and family violence. Her experience involves applied research and knowledge translation, in close collaboration with service providers, to promote good practice and the systems that support it.

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Dr David Rose
BA; BSW; MSW; MAE; PhD (Social Work)

Dr David Rose is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Melbourne. He specialises in program design and evaluation in complex human services contexts including domestic and family violence. He has experience consulting to government and non-government organisations on program evaluation and direct practice experience in the areas of mental health, alcohol and other drug treatment and the criminal justice system.

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David Gallant
BBus (Hons)

David has worked in various research roles which have all been focused on improving the physical, social, emotional and cultural outcomes for people in our communities. He has a strong background in providing research and evaluation related services to both not-for-profit and government agencies. David is also a PhD Candidate, who is investigating the role of sport and physical activities in Australian prisons.

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Shawana Andrews

Shawana Andrews is a Trawlwoolway woman of tebrakuna, north eastern Tasmania. Shawana is a Senior Lecturer and Teaching Specialist in Indigenous Health, and a social work and public health researcher currently completing her PhD on Aboriginal women’s experiences of family violence. She has worked extensively with the Victorian Aboriginal community and has published and presented widely about Aboriginal health, family violence and research.

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Dr Gemma McKibbin
BA; PhD (Social Work)

Dr Gemma McKibbin is a Research Fellow in the Department of General Practice and the Department of Social Work at the University of Melbourne, working with Prof Cathy Humphreys and Prof Kelsey Hegarty under the Melbourne research Alliance to End Violence against women and their children (MAEVe). Gemma has a background in gender studies and worked previously at WIRE, Women’s Information delivering information. She has recently completed a PhD in the Department of Social Work at the University of Melbourne about the prevention of harmful sexual behaviour carried out by children & young people. Gemma is a scholar with the Safer Families Centre for Research Excellence and is also the lead researcher on a large action research project in partnership with MacKillop Family Services. She is passionate about preventing child sexual abuse and family violence in all their forms.

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Julie Green
BEng/BSc (Hons), PGCE, MA (International Crisis Management)

Julie is a Research Assistant at the Department of Social Work. She is working with Dr Gemma McKibbin researching harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people and has recently joined the Disrupting Child Exploitation (DICE) project. Julie has a background in telecommunications engineering and has spent over 17 years working in education and international development roles around the world. She is currently studying for a Master of Social Work at the University of Melbourne.


Dr Anneliese Spiteri-Staines
BIS; BSc(Hons); PhD (Mental Health)

Dr Anneliese Spiteri is a Research Fellow at the Department of Social Work, the University of Melbourne. She has worked at the University of Melbourne for several years across fields including intimate partner abuse, post-traumatic stress, and clinical psychology. She has particular interest in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Anneliese has just completed a PhD in Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne.

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Anna Bornemisza
BA(Hons); MSc; MPsych(Clin)

Anna is a Research Assistant at the Department of Social Work. She has worked at the University of Melbourne for several years in research and tutoring roles, focusing on areas of domestic and family violence, perpetrator interventions, social, developmental, personality psychology, neuropsychology and psychopathology. She is particularly interested in combining research findings with clinical applications and is currently completing a PhD project in Clinical Psychology.

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Joanne Rowe
BOccThy; MPH (International Health)

Joanne is currently working as the Program Coordinator for the kNOwVAWdata Course on measuring prevalence of violence against women in Asia and the Pacific. Joanne is an international development and public health practitioner with 10 years’ experience working in the international development and local community health sectors. She has previously worked with organizations including CBM Australia, International Needs Australia and Oxfam Australia in the areas of disability and inclusive development, women’s economic empowerment programs, water and sanitation and maternal and child health. Joanne has professional experience working on projects in Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda, Ethiopia and Australia.


Larissa Fogden
BEd; BA; GradDipPsych; MSW

Larissa is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Social Work at the University of Melbourne. As a member of Professor Cathy Humphreys’ research team, Larissa is currently working on a number of research projects related to parenting in the context of domestic and family violence. Larissa is also a PhD student, investigating the father-child relationship after violence. Larissa is a qualified social worker and has worked in specialist domestic and family violence crisis service and refuge settings supporting infants, children and young people. She also has clinical experience working with families within the mental health, integrated family service and education systems. 

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Mael Guillou

Mael is a research assistant at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Social Work and is currently working on the KODY evaluation.

Mael completed the Master of Economics at the University of Melbourne in 2015 and subsequently worked as data manager on the evaluation of the Early Years Education Program (EYEP). He is particularly interested in child development, personality & social psychology, and spirituality.


Jasmin Sacci Isobe
BH-ARTS (Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)

Jasmin is a Research Assistant at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Social Work. She works on projects focused on domestic and family violence, and violence against women, and has previously worked in the School of Languages and Linguistics in sociolinguistics and language archiving.

Jasmin’s Honours research focused on linguistic constructions of agency and subjectivity in relation to violence against women. Her research interests include social language use and communication in relation to gendered violence, social change and subjectivity, including analysis of representations, conversation and discourse.


Esther Gallois
Bachelor of Journalism / Arts

Esther is a Research Assistant at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Social Work. She works on projects in the domestic and family violence research team with additional focus on child sexual abuse prevention and is completing her Masters of Social Work.

Esther has previously worked in tech-based solutions in positions of national project management and in multi-platform marketing. She has a particular interest in innovative social impact strategies and communication for research knowledge translation.