Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY: Long-term practice change (2021)


This study focused on long-term practice changes reported by participants of the STACY Project (Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY) in follow up interviews 12 months after the project. Sixteen interviews were conducted, focusing on participant insights about changes in their practice since participating in the STACY Communities of Practice in 2019, and the sustainability of any such changes. Findings related to shared language, leadership and authorising environment, management, connections and proximity, diversity, time and funding were used to inform the development of the ESTIE Project (Evidence to Support Safe & Together Implementation and Evaluation).

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Researchers: Jasmin Isobe, Darcy Watson, Arnold So, Erin Links, Margaret Kertesz

Year: 2021

Citation: Isobe, J., Watson, D., So, A., Links, E., & Kertesz, M. (2021). Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY: Long-term practice change. Briefing paper, University of Melbourne.