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Stop It Now!

Abstract: Stop It Now! is an early intervention program that operates in North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and ...
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DICE: Disrupting child sexual exploitation

Abstract: The DICE project builds upon the work of Power to Kids as well as other multiagency initiatives such as ...
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The socio-cultural factors of adult family homicide

The research examines the socio-cultural factors of adult familial homicide in Victoria. The project aims to examine the role that ...
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Healey, L., Humphreys, C., Tsantefski, M., Heward-Belle, S., Chung, D., & Mandel, D. (2018). Invisible Practices: Working with fathers who use violence. Practice guide. Sydney, NSW: ANROWS.

Abstract: The Invisible Practices project looked at what skills and organisational supports are necessary to allow CP practitioners, specialist DFV ...
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