The socio-cultural factors of adult family homicide

The research examines the socio-cultural factors of adult familial homicide in Victoria. The project aims to examine the role that socio-cultural factors can play for both the deceased and the offender and within intimate partner and other (non-intimate) family relationships. It is intended that the research will lead to a better understanding of the reasons and circumstances for adult familial homicide, be this intimate partner based or other types of family relationships.  The ultimate intention of the project is crime prevention, that is minimising in future the number of family homicide deaths.


Siân Harrison (PhD Candidate)

Cathy Humphreys, Stuart Ross and Lyndal Bugeja (supervisors)

Funders: Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

Partners: The research data was obtained from the Coroners Court of Victoria

Project Dates: The PhD is due for completion in October 2019