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Our research and researchers regularly feature in the media. Below are a few examples of some of the latest articles.

We must act now to stop child sexual exploitation in residential care

The Australian state of Victoria must properly resource and implement policies to prevent child sexual exploitation…

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On the frontline of family violence in the Asia Pacific

Globally, women and children bear the brunt of family violence. A project in the Asia Pacific is working to make a difference…

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Domestic violence linked to alcohol use is a national emergency

Alcohol and other drug use increases the severity of violence towards victim survivors, but the drug and alcohol sector and the domestic violence sector remain stubbornly siloed…

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The unexpected drop in intimate partner violence

It should be exciting to say that cases of violence against women dropped during COVID, but we need to understand the big picture…

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Psychological abuse is underreported, and the effects are damaging

Psychological abuse is often ignored and assumed to be less severe than other forms of intimate partner violence….

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Launch of Stop it Now! scoping study

Jesuit Social Services’ The Men’s Project, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, was pleased to…
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Sport plays key role in helping prisoners rehabilitate

The number of people in Victoria’s prisons is soaring. In the past 10 years the state’s prison population has jumped by 80 per cent to 7666, and in the coming year the government will spend $1.8 billion…

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Australia-first guide for working with fathers who use violence against their families

Research released today provides practitioners and organisations working with fathers who use domestic and family violence (DFV) against their families…

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How do young Australians see violence against women?

Young Australian perception VAW

Young Australians – that is, those aged 16-24 – particularly young men, don’t fully understand sexual consent, think controlling relationships are normal and are less likely to act when…

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Making the link between family violence and animal abuse

The signs of deliberate injury to a pet are not hard to spot for an experienced veterinarian. The severity of a dog’s injuries may contradict an owner’s description of it ‘falling off a couch’…

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Creating child safe organisations: MacKillop Family Services conference

Three months ago, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse handed down its final report after five years. With over 8000 people sharing their stories…

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Young people want their violent fathers to make amends, new study finds

CHILDREN of fathers who use violence want their dads to understand the significant impact that it has on their lives. A new study by a University of Melbourne researcher Dr Katie Lamb…

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‘Men need to change’: anger grows over police response to Eurydice Dixon’s murder

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday Eurydice “Ridi” Dixon texted a friend to say she was almost home. The comedian had finished a gig at the Highlander Bar in the city and was making her way across Princes Park…

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Domestic and family violence common amongst front line health workers

The first study investigating domestic and family violence among female healthcare workers in Australia has found that almost half of them (45 per cent) have experienced family violence, including one in nine who had experienced abuse…

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