The DAHLIA-19 Project: Domestic Abuse Harnessing Learning Internationally under COVID-19

DAHLIA-19 is examining policy and practice responses in 4 upper or upper/middle income countries with established DA services where different strategies have been introduced. In each country, a team of academic researchers works with major partner organisations to ensure that the study can draw on practice and policy expertise, is relevant to the sector’s needs and that findings are widely disseminated and appropriately targeted. To find out more about this project, please visit

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Researchers: Cathy Humphreys, Kelsey Hegarty, Gemma McKibbin

Funders: ESRC, UK

Partner organisations: ANROWS, Australian National Research Organisation for Women Safety; Family Safety Victoria

Project Dates: 2020-2022

Contact: Cathy Humphreys and Gemma McKibbin