Kertesz, M. Ramamurthy, A., Fogden, L., & Humphreys, C. (2019). Children and Mothers in Mind Independent Evaluation 2018-19 Participant and Facilitator Feedback: Final Report. Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

The final evaluation report for Children and Mothers in Mind (CMIM), a group program for mothers and pre-school children who have experienced family violence in the past, and focuses on interview-based findings about the participants’ experiences of the program.

Researchers: Kertesz, M. Ramamurthy, A., Fogden, L., & Humphreys, C.
Year: 2019

Kertesz, M., Ovenden, G., & Humphreys, C. (2019). Independent Evaluation of +SHIFT at Tarrengower Prison. Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

In the context of a dominant pattern of male violence perpetrated against women, there are some women who use force in their intimate relationships, and who are identified as perpetrators of violence. This report evaluates the Positive Shift program, as delivered within Tarrengower Prison for women. Positive Shift is is a 16-session group work and case support program for women who use force, which takes a therapeutic, gender-responsive, trauma-informed approach, building on the strengths of more traditional survivor support groups.

Researchers: Kertesz, M., Ovenden, G., & Humphreys, C.
Year: 2019

ESTIE: The Evidence to Support Safe and Together Implementation and Evaluation Project

ESTIE  is an action research study that is simultaneously investigating and developing practitioner and organisational capacity to drive improvements in collaborative and holistic service provision for children and families living with DFV where parental issues of mental health and/or alcohol and other drug use co-occur.


Chief Investigators:  Cathy Humphreys; Margaret Kertesz;
Jasmin Isobe (UoM); Erin Links (UoM); Cherie Toivonen (CLT Byron Consulting); Lesley Laing (University of Sydney)

Funders: NSW Ministry of Health

Project Dates: 2020 -2022

Contact: Margaret Kertesz

Safe and Together Addressing ComplexitY focusing on children – STACY for Children

STACY for Children (2019-20) involved two studies that investigated whether there was emerging evidence that the Safe & Together™ Model leads to better outcomes for children and families living with DFV and parental issues of alcohol and other drug misuse and/or mental health problems. Study 1 focused on interviews with those working and living at the intersections of these issues. Study 2 used child-case-level, de-identified administrative records to investigate whether the availability of the Safe & Together approach to practice was associated with positive outcomes for children and families in an Australian trial site where it had been proactively implemented.

Principal Investigator: Cathy Humphreys
Lucy Healey; Margaret Kertesz; Arno Parolini; Wei Wu Tan; Jasmin Isobe; Colleen Jeffreys; Anna Bornemisza; Larissa Fogden (UoM)
Susan Heward-Belle; Lesley Laing; Cherie Toivonen (University of Sydney);
Menka Tsantefski; Patrick O’Leary; Amy Young (Griffith)

Funder: ANROWS

Queensland Department of Child Safety,
Youth and Women,
Odyssey House,
Anglicare Victoria,
Jannawi Family Centre

Project Dates: 2019-2020

Contact: Cathy Humphreys