Safe And heard about Risk And safety – the SARA project

The aim of the SARA project is to explore how children experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV) can act as consultants to research projects and how they wish to be talked to by professionals about risk and safety. The study has two objectives: (i) develop a model for how children and young people living with DFV can consult to research projects; and (ii) generate new knowledge about how children and young people want to be talked to about DFV by professionals. The outcome of the project will be a co-designed model of how children and young people can be consulted by researchers about DFV, and a child-friendly guide to assist professionals in talking with children and young people about DFV.

Researchers: Dr Gemma McKibbin; Prof Cathy Humphreys; Prof Kelsey Hegarty; Dr Rhian Parker; Dr Mohajer Hameed; Larissa Fogden

Funders: Melbourne School of Health Sciences

Partners: Melbourne Alliance to End Violence against women and their children

Project Dates: May 2019 – May 2020

Contact: Gemma McKibbin