BPD Community Relational Support

Abstract: This project aimed to explore relational support as an area of learning and intervention contributing to more positive relationships, recovery, and wellbeing for people with lived experience of BPD. This study focused on family, friends and carers of someone with BPD as a priority group in the BPD community, and an identified gap in research and literature. This project aimed to contribute to the emerging discourse surrounding the role of relationships and social connection in recovery from BPD and support for family, friends, and carers, and provide an initial evidence base for further inquiry in this under-researched and complex area.

Researchers: Dr Anneliese Spiteri-Staines & Jasmin Isobe

Funders: Melbourne Disability Institute

Partner Organisations: BPD Community

Project Dates: March to October 2022

Contact: Dr Anneliese Spiteri-Staines

Final Project Report